Heddy’s Ready – Bring it on

Welcome to my head.  No, that’s not why it’s called, “Heddy”.  That’s me; Hedd, or Heddy, to those who know me well. But that’s a story for later… maybe.  Now

There are a lot of things you should know about me, most you will learn later.  For now, I’ll just jump right in…

I’m 36 years old and I’ve just started the last period I will ever have.  Ever. In. My. Life. Let’s rewind to the beginning…

When you are 28 years old you think about a lot of things.  You think about your career, your future children, what you will eat for dinner, or even if your marriage will survive.  I’ll tell you something you don’t think about; Life insurance. Why would a healthy 28 year old, childless woman think about mortality to the point of contemplating life insurance?  Well when I look back, this is one of my only regrets.  You don’t know what you don’t know, and what I didn’t know is that I’d learn something about myself in the months following my marriage, that would change the course of my life.  Today, I start the first day of my last period. Period.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow – Helen Keller

Image result for strong women in the sunshine

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