That feeling that makes the world go round

I’ve spent years contemplating this surgery.  Years going back and forth about whether or not to take everything, some, or nothing.  There were times I thought I’d take nothing out.  Leave life to chance… then I had kids.  There was a time I thought I’d remove everything putting myself into medically induced menopause.  Ugh, yuck.  All I associate menopause with is crazier women, dry skin, hot flashes and no sex drive.  Did I mention no sex drive?  Well, no thank you.  Not for me.  Nope.

I feel like much of what makes me, well, me, are my hormones.  They help me feel sexy, take control of situations, they give me power.  I like having desires, I like having power, and I sure as shit like to feel sexy.  I want to come home and feel like I cannot wait to… well… you know. I’m not ready to lose that part of me.  I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to lose that part of me.  There we have it.  The ovaries stay.  So ovaries, hear me out; please don’t kill me. Not even I would laugh at that.

My desires stay, my sexiness stays, my emotions stay, and yes, my bitchiness stays (sorry husband).  After all, I am a fairy and if I’m confined I get feisty, and if I am trapped I die. I can’t think of anything that would make me feel more confined or trapped then losing that part of me.  So I’ll take my chances and get to live the rest of my younger life full of sex.  Great sex.  Sex that I want to have because my desires tell me to, not because I’m going through the motions.

So here is to the ovaries – May you stay and keep me feeling that feeling that makes the world go round… horny.


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